How would I go about using your services?

If you are new to our business you can contact us by email, phone, or by completing the Contact us form. 


We will get back to you right away to get some brief information and to establish if we can be of service. This won’t take long. We’d then set up a consultation call (or video call if you prefer) with an appropriate expert to gather enough details to put a proposal together with a breakdown of the costs involved. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and our ability to dejargonise legalese. Our proposals and our Client Services documentation are therefore clear and concise. 


Once you officially engage MEKEDA to help you, we will ensure that you are informed every step of the way – whether we are helping you with a disciplinary, crafting employment contract templates, or preparing for a Tribunal.


How much do your services cost?

We offer a pay-as-you-go service if you just need us for occasional support or a monthly retainer for ongoing support. We also offer our Virtual HR Assistant services for one-off Administration exercises or regular support. There is also a small subscription should you wish to join MEKEDA’s Club.  Contact us for more details.


What sorts of issues can you help me with?

MEKEDA specialise in Human Capital Management, people in simpler terms. Our experts can help you formulate People strategies, advise on dismissals, harassment/bullying, Data Protection, staff retention, employee engagement. Anything to do with the people you employ and the environment they work in.


What if I only have a handful of employees?

MEKEDA’s experts have worked in multi-nationals with global workforces of thousands of people and in small, family-run businesses. Businesses of any size need to remain compliant in terms of employment law and procedures, as well as understand people management. We are here to help with all aspects of HR whether you employ 6 people or six thousand.


Why should I join the Club?

The Club keeps you abreast of industry standards and changes in legislation.  It also provides an environment for networking, finding potential new suppliers , tutorials, and much more.  You can widen your knowledge of the ‘people’ industry through a range of interviews with various experts  who are making a difference in their field.  The Club is very cost-effective, especially with the discount you can enjoy if you use any other services of MEKEDA.


What are HR Rudiments?

A rudiment is defined as the first principles of a subject.  Therefore, in HR, there are basics which need to be observed which are considered the bedrock of any organisation for it to operate well and not only be legally compliant, but also have the fundamentals in place to grow and expand, using its people as its greatest resource.


I run a small business, why would I need L&D? – my employees learn on the job.

Learning on the job is valuable – it is often quoted that 70% of skills are obtained through their jobs, 20% through peers and colleagues, and 10% through formal training sessions. However, doing something the same way ad infinitum will not help you stay ahead of your competition. To improve performance you need your employees to feel engaged with the business, motivated to innovate and to respond to change with agility. By building knowledge and understanding you create more rounded and valuable team members, you enhance employee retention and lower recruitment costs as you develop your managers and leaders of the future. This holds true for businesses of any size.