Our vision is to make human resources about people, not just policies and procedures. The MEKEDA team is warm, human, approachable and honest.

If we can’t help you, then we also have access to a portfolio of specialists who we can manage on your behalf if your requirement is specific such as Payroll Management or Learning and Development needs.


Chartered FCIPD, MSc

Meryl is a founding member of MEKEDA HR and an Employee relations wizard. She has worked in the UK and overseas in truly global, matrix organisations ensuring that the people agenda is aligned with corporate goals and strategy.


Meryl is a straight-talker who knows her stuff and will challenge the status quo; helping you make those difficult decisions you keep putting off.


Her enthusiasm for Human Resources and good people processes is infectious, and she will inspire and motivate the most reluctant manager to act like a leader.

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She is an advocate of transparent and open HR practices and is famous for her ‘green chair’ where many a good person has succumbed to her ability to get them to open up.

If you need operational or strategic advice, come and sit in the ‘green chair’ and Meryl can provide the answer.


Linda is our Operations Manager, or Virtual Fixer as we like to call her. In addition to managing our office she is overall responsible for all our case management files. Linda is exceptionally organised and an expert problem solver whilst also miraculously knowing and singing along to the latest tunes on the radio. She is comfortable dealing with people at all levels of an organisation. Her practical approach and easy-going nature make her a hit with Managers and Administrators who are looking for a quick turnaround of a piece of work or response to a query.

If you want to find out more about how MEKEDA operates, contact Linda at 07821 119491 But don’t be surprised if you hear a tune or two before she answers.

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Amy is our Marketing Manager. She's has eight years of experience working in Brand, Marketing and Internal Communications, for both medium and small companies. 

She is a keen multitasker that enjoys all forms of marketing, website design and photography

She has a wealth of knowledge in employee engagement and works alongside Meryl and Linda to create employee questionnaires and pulse surveys. 

Amy's main focus is to help bring Meryl and Linda's vision to life.

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