Virtual HR Services 


In the modern workplace, there are still many HR tasks that in a large company with unlimited resources would be automated or handled by the most junior member of the HR team.  Our Virtual HR Services give you the option to outsource these over to our experts in the knowledge that you are maintaining legally mandated employee records, accurately and safely.


Our HR services include updating policies and contract information, managing payroll (through a Third party), crafting documentation, keeping HR Handbooks up-to-date and much more.


We can look after everything HR-related for you, or we can provide support to your existing HR personnel.  When you outsource to our Virtual HR Services, we become part of your team, to be called upon to support you with your day-to-day people administration.


·         Contracts

·         Employee handbooks

·         Policies and procedures

·         Bespoke documentation

·         Payroll administration

·         Absence management

·         Administer employee benefits


Take the hassle out of HR, and the risk out of non-compliance, and see how MEKEDA Virtual HR Services can help you.